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Here are some items that I have printed out on my 3D printer. As a note none of the items here have been designed by me unless I specify otherwise. The models have been found on


Ok first here is a guide I created for my 3D printer, It's purpose is to help guide the filament into the extruder assembly. Not pretty but serves it's purpose.

These are 2 keychains I had made for a guy at work, also my first sale. I had designed both of these and my wife had painted them. One is for his girlfriend and the other is for their newborn babygirl. They both loved em.

I found the file for these earings on Thingiverse, they was pendents, but I decided to make earings for my wife for her birthday.

More stuff I found and printed out for my wife for her birthday. It's all stuff for a Fairy Garden she wanted to make, There's a door with doormat, a fountain, a birdbath, a mushroom and 3 different fairys. Some still needs painted.


This is one of the very first of my projects. This is just a fullsize printed out of what eventually will be 3 LED pushbuttons. These buttons are LOOOOONG out of production from the 80's. I recreated these using an original datasheet from the buttons, as well as some tv screenshots. It still needs tweeked very minor to look even better, but not done yet, I now need to disect the 3D model so I can create the individual parts needed to make them functional buttons.

Just screwing around trying to tweek my printer settings and made a couple of cookie cutters I found. The Legend of Zelda TriForce and a Ferret.

My mom wanted a dragon when she saw some of the stuff I had printed out. It sits in a crystal rock my mom has. Here's some more pics of the same dragon.



My wife decided that she wanted a dragon as well, as you can see she choose to paint her's. Shows alittle more detail. 


This one's alittle more personal to me and my wife. she discovered that she was pregnent with our first child.  Every test said everything was good, and well right after, we found out that we was expecting, the baby died week 5 of the pregnancy, so this statue I made for my wife to help heal the hurt. R.I.P. Caylee Marie. We never met but we both love and miss you.